My Computers

 My Computers:

At present I am running an IBM 1.5 Gghz Pentium 4 machine, 384 megs of RAM, dual boot with Win 2000 Pro and Win 98SE. A backup machine: a 900 mghz Pentium III with 512 megs of RAM, with Win 98SE. Each machine has been built from scratch for basically different purposes.

1.) Web based machine with Multimedia Capabilities with Word processing, Adobe Acrobat used for PDF file creation, graphics and H.T.M.L. editors for creating this website along with a CD writer.
2.) Musical reference materials, a film and flatbed scanner, midi sequencing and notation programs needed for my work as a musician.
The machines are connected with a simple file sharing network.

Other machines include a Sony Vaio laptop for on the road use, and various not quite finished boxes useful for trying out programs and helping me with my basic on-going Computer Education.

Musician: Hobbies versus Business

In the world of the Musician it seems like everything in one's life seems to blend together. These are some of the areas that I am pursuing.

1) restoration of old 78 rpm records
2) live digital recording of concerts
3) digital video recording and restoration
4) digital archiving of old and out-of-print sheet music.
5) still photography [film & digital]

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